Did a quick doodle of Diamond Dust ^.^ She reminds me of a galactic Rarity and I love it.

Diamond Dust, my part of my art trade with ponyfull/crinkledap.

ohmygOSH I LOVE HERi’m going to go draw her rIGHT NOWthank you so much omigosh >///<
Autumn Sun~
My half of a design trade with spottytlion ^.^ I think my tablet is broken so I’m sorry that the lines are a bit off ;A; (I can’t cutie mark at all so if you hate it go ahead and change it i’m so sorry ;-;)
if anybody else wants to do a design trade these are super fun so i’d totally be up for it >///<
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I’m stuck in Cape Cod without my drawing tablet ;-; but this is a doodle that I did like a week ago and only posted on my Instagram haha ^.^
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cwiiis:you alright?

yeah i’m okay!! just been a lot of depressing stuff going on but it’s gonna be alright :3 thank you for asking <3

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