spottytlion:trixie and #9?


I went through like four different sketches and ended up just doing a headshot because aRT BLOCK i’m so sorry


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Anonymous:Do you use a tablet for your drawings? If so, what kind?

Yeah I do!! It’s a vistablet? I’m not sure about any specific model or anything cause I’ve had it for a few years and it was a gift :3 it’s pretty simple but it’s worked perfectly for soooo long, I love it lots! ^.^ I hope that’s helpful!

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I tried experimenting a bit to get out of my art block >///< his eyes are all wiggly cause my hand slipped while doing the lineart and I ended up liking it? yeah…
this was supposed to be lineless but it looked stupid that way :/
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amaranthialunaris:My blog keeps doing it too now!

I found a post saying how to get it off but I reblogged it to my main blog and not this one cause I didn’t want to spam people who come for art :3 but here’s a link for you!

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cwiiis:uhhh did you get hacked or something?

I’m not sure, this thing keeps posting on my blog and I’m just deleting them as they come :/ I’m going to go change my password aha ^^;

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I went on a mission to draw the tackiest pony I possibly could. I’d like to think I succeeded in some way?
Anonymous:You are BY FAR my favorite artist. I really look up to you. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into your work, Valley, it pays off.


but oh wow thank you so much you can’t even imagine how great this makes me feel >///< ily ♥♥♥

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I found the lineart for this in my doodle folder from like, almost five months ago? anyway i colored it for fun :3 the concept is pretty overdone but technically you can never have to much rarity so
I draw 80% deer and change my fursona on a monthly basis but that&#8217;s okay shhhh
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